How I used AI to assist art-making.

A while back (in 2017), I visited a good buddy, and as a memento, I drew this little image and used it as a thank you card. In this image, I wanted to capture many of the elements that I fondly remembered from my visit: seeing the full moon rising over the forest, inoculating logs with mushroom spores, playing with my buddy’s synthesizer collection, his favourite pet dog, the bee

A.I. Images in the classroom

Coming up in two weeks is a free and open microcourse in which my co-teacher and I will explore making images using A.I. specifically for instruction. Thanks in advance to BCCampus for hosting this course. REGISTER HERE: FLO MicroCourse: Artificial Intelligence Images in the Classroom. I’ve had a chance to learn more about A.I. image generation while researching for this course, and as an artist, I have to say my